Outsourced Technical Director

I have considerable experience of managing the product generation process evaluating opportunities and turning ideas into products.  By using my services, my clients get access to the experience of a senior technical director without having to employ a full-time member of staff you only pay for my time when you need it.

Some of the tasks I undertake are:

  • New Technology Evaluation
    What is the impact and business value of a new technology?
  • New Product Evaluation
    How will a potential new product fare in the current and future market?
  • Programme Evaluation
    Evaluation of current product development projects
  • Opportunity Analysis
    What opportunities are available to the organisation, and how should it choose between them?
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  • Portfolio Management
    Helping the organisation to evaluate its portfolio of projects and to decide on the relative merits of new projects.
  • Product and R&D Strategy
    Facilitating the strategy process to create a long-term product roadmap
    Arrow iconBlank spaceStrategy Consulting
  • Evaluation of Potential Investments or Partners
    I can evaluate the technical competence, Intellectual Property and resources of potential take-over targets or potential partners
  • Executive Team member
    As a co-opted member of the senior management team, I can bring a technical perspective to management decisions.
  • Representing the Organisation
    I can act as a representative of the organisation where a senior technical manager is needed to give balance or credibility to the team.

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