Strategy Consulting

Using a Consultant

There is no reason why an organisation cannot create its own strategy without external assistance.  Indeed, many organisations do.  But it can be useful to get outside help.

  • An external consultant can spend time on strategy without being tied up in the day-to-day business of running the company.  The consultant can keep the strategy process moving forward in a busy world.
  • An outsider can provide an external view of the organisation and its environment, giving a new perspective on the present and future.
  • An outsider isnít conditioned into the usual way of thinking within the organisation.  The outsider can challenge assumptions when this will lead to new insights.

My Services

I help organisations to organise their long-term thinking by creating clear goals, by making assumptions explicit, by listing and evaluating options and by facilitating the decision-making process.  I have technology and market understanding, combined with experience as a senior manager and expertise in the strategy creation process.

I know that creating vision statements and setting goals is not enough.  My hands-on management experience means that I understand how to turn intentions into actions Ė concrete plans with milestones, action owners and explicit next steps.

I donít have a standard one-size-fits-all template for creating a strategy.  Instead, I work with clients in ways that will meet their specific needs.  Among the tasks I can undertake are:

  • Analysis of the current situation and of future market opportunities
  • Vision and goals setting
  • Scenario planning
  • Modelling the business environment
  • Review of current strategy and activities
  • Listing and evaluating opportunities
  • Turning goals and good intentions into concrete plans
  • Communicating strategy

The Result

The result will be a better understanding of what options are available for the organisation, a clear and shared understanding of where the organisation intends to go in the long term, and a concrete plan showing how to get there.

In addition, the organisation will have a better basis for making decisions in the future.  My aim is to provide a framework for solving future problems as well as today's ones.

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