Management on Tap

Picture of a tapIn any organisation, the management workload varies over time.  A management team that can deal with the day-to-day running of the company may not have the bandwidth or the competence to deal with every situation that arises.  It would be useful to have an occasional manager who can take care of special projects when required.

Outsourced management is different from interim management.  An outsourced manager can extend the management team on an occasional basis - providing special competence or knowledge which the full-time managers do not have, or simply providing extra management “bandwidth on demand”.  The outsourced manager may undertake projects that can vary in size from hours to weeks.  By building up a long-term relationship with your organisation, the outsourced manager can quickly set himself or herself into new projects.

I have many years of management experience in Hewlett-Packard and Psion.  I can act as a part-time manager or as a resource to support management teams and to help managers be more effective.  The organisation only pays for my time when it is needed.

Among the tasks I can undertake are:

  • Managing Special Projects
  • Acting as a Non-Executive Director
  • Experienced management support for start-up companies
  • Creating contacts and selling the organisation
  • Acting as an sparring partner for managers to try out new ideas
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  • Mentoring
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