About Nigel Derrett Consulting

Photo of Nigel Derrett I help organisations in high-technology markets to:

 Bullet icon  find out about new markets and technologies,

 Bullet icon  organise their thinking,

 Bullet icon  make long-term plans,

 Bullet icon  and implement them.

I have technology and market understanding, combined with experience in innovation and strategy creation.  I can assist an organisation to review its current strategy or to create a new strategy.

I work with clients of all sizes, from start-up companies to large corporations.

My experience as a line manager means that I help with project implementation as well as planning.  I can provide extra management bandwidth and experience for special projects.

I can support senior managers as a technical resource, as a mentor or as an intellectual sparring partner to try out ideas and think them through.

My work is based on 20 years experience as a manager in the IT industry, developing technologies and setting strategic direction.  I have a good understanding of current technology and technology trends within personal computing, appliances, mobile devices and telecommunications.

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