How I can Help Your Organisation

I am an experienced manager, with extensive practical knowledge about the process of turning ideas into successful products. I can help your organisation in a variety of ways to meet your immediate and longer-term needs:

Arrow iconBlank spaceProduct and Market Strategy
I can help your company review its current strategy or create a new strategy, based on my practical experience of strategy and my knowledge of strategy theory.

Arrow iconBlank spaceBrain for Hire
I undertake technical and market investigations on behalf of my clients. I can absorb and present complex material in a clear way that leads to well-informed decision making.

Arrow iconBlank spaceManagement on Tap
I can act as a part-time manager or as a resource to support management teams and to help managers be more effective. I have many years of management experience in Hewlett-Packard and Psion.

Arrow iconBlank spaceOutsourced Technical Director
By using my services you can access the experience of a senior technical director without having to employ a full-time member of staff you only pay for my time when you need it. I have a deep understanding of the product generation process evaluating opportunities and turning ideas into products.

Arrow iconBlank spaceSpecialist Training
I can offer tailor-made training on a variety of technology or marketing subjects.  I spent several years as a teacher at university level, and this experience taught me how to present knowledge clearly and succinctly.

Arrow iconBlank spaceMentoring
I can provide one-on-one support for senior managers.

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