Brain For Hire


Sometimes an organisation needs an experienced professional to undertake an investigation.  For example to evaluate a new opportunity, or to take stock of existing projects.  The senior managers may be too busy, or they may have vested interests in the outcome of the investigation.

I can undertake technical and market investigations:

  • Technology Briefings with a Business Focus
    Where is the technology going and what are the business implications?
    What are the threats and opportunities?
  • Market Briefings
    What is the current and future state of the market
    What are the opportunities and threats for existing and new players
    Market investigations

Trying out Ideas

Or do you ever need someone to try out ideas with?  Your colleagues may not provide the right combination of support and robust intellectual to-and-fro needed to turn a pie-in-the-sky idea into something that will withstand serious scrutiny.  And often the process of working through ideas requires background work and research that you donít have time to do.

I can act as an intellectual sparring partner and as a researcher, nurturing good ideas, killing off the bad ones, and doing the background work needed to turn vague thoughts into concrete proposals and plans.  I have a lot of experience in the issues involved in turning technology into profitable products and services.  I am quick on the uptake and have a strong intellectual and analytical capability. I know when to let fledgling ideas flourish and when to prune them with analytical rigour.

Specialist White Papers

I can create documents which present the organisation's view on markets or technologies.

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